Pairing/syncing the Apple Bluetooth Keyboard model A1016 or A1314 with the iPad or iPad 2

Unfortunately, there is no work around for this at the moment and Apple is not willing to invest the time and resources to try to fix this issue.


There are plenty of reasonably priced alternatives:

  1. The Apple Wireless Keyboard
  2. Logitech Keyboard Case by ZAGG
  3. The Trent IMP38B Airbender iPad 2 case with Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard
  4. The Kensington 2nd Generation KeyFolio Bluetooth Keyboard Accessory Case for Apple iPad
  5. The Applie iPad keyboard Dock

The iPad and iPad 2 were not made to support the old Apple Wireless keyboards. You can try to pair the keyboard with your iPad or iPad 2, but it will not work. You will get the “Pairing Unsuccessful” message.

For more information, visit the support page: